Why is it  called “Farm Dog Cycles”?

Who has a better life than a dog on a farm? Relaxing in the shade, playing or napping in the sun on your own schedule, good food and plenty of people visiting. This is our vision for what Essex County and Farm Dog Cycles is and should be: a great place to visit where everyone is treated like family. So come visit Essex County, ride with Farm Dog Cycles, and see what the farm dog life is all about!!


How far are you from Windsor?

We are a quick 35-40 minute drive from Windsor. You can find directions here.


How far are you from Leamington?

Just 20 to 25 minutes by car. You can find directions from Leamington here.


What if I haven’t ridden a bike in a while? I don’t think I’ve ridden enough to do a tour…

Don’t worry, it’s like riding a bike… but seriously, the bikes we have are easy to ride, have 7 speeds, hand brakes and are very stable. Essex County is FLAT and there isn’t very much traffic. We will adjust your bike to fit you, and help you get comfortable on your bike when you arrive. You can take your bike for a quick test ride in the orchard before heading out on the road. All of our tours are a leisurely pace that everyone will be comfortable with. FDC Tours are about the tourist, not the cyclist in you.


What should I wear?

Double check the weather here to see what it’s going to be like during your visit.

Dress for the weather and for comfort. Generally,  this means a T-shirt, shorts and running shoes. Sandals with straps work too. Sunscreen is very important, as it is likely to be very sunny. Pack a light jacket or sweater, just in case.


Will I have to pay anything extra on the tour?

Our tours are all-inclusive in that we pay for your wine tastings, water, and fruit to snack on. Icewine tastings are generally outside of regular tour tastings, as are any additional meals or snacks purchased along the way.  Any purchases of bottles or cases of wine will be up to the individual but we will pick them up for you so you don’t have to ride with a case of wine balanced on the handlebars!


Can you deliver my bike to me at my in law’s/hotel/ B&B/mum and dad’s house?

Of course! With full day rentals we offer free delivery within 15 km of our location and charge very reasonable rates for anything further. We can deliver anywhere within Canada within 55km of our location.


Do you rent kids bikes?

Yes, we have 24 inch wheels on our kids bikes. We also offer tag along bikes (where the child is attached to the parent bike but can still pedal).


Do you accept Mastercard/Visa/American Express?

Of course!! We accept payment by cash, all major credit cards and Interac (debit). We extend credit if you are at least 90 years old and accompanied by your parents…


Is it hard to ride a tandem (bicycle built for two)?

Not at all, but it does take some getting used to, especially for the person on the back (someone else is steering, braking and watching the road for you). Check out: http://sheldonbrown.com/tandem.html  for more in-depth info.


Why would I rent a tandem instead of two bikes?

Tandems are very, very fun!! We here at FDC were skeptical at first (You mean no matter how fast I ride, you’re still right behind me??!!??), and then we tried it… it’s a blast!! You can ride quickly but can still talk to each other. You share the experience; travel at the same speed no matter who’s faster or stronger; and generally have a lot of laughs and giggles. It’s also a great way to introduce someone to riding fast or introduce someone with a visual impairment to the thrill of cycling!! Plus there is some sweet lingo like “Captain”, “Pilot”, “Stoker” and “Sequenced Pedalling” to learn!!


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