We are officially overdue for good weather, possibly doubly so. When riders open with lines like “at least it’s not 4 degrees and raining like the last time I was here.” Super Duper Kudos to everyone who showed up, dumped out their shoes, wrang out their gloves and were generally Troopers.

In the words of Gordon, “You all deserve a scotch – make it a single malt – and bloody tumbler of it.”

Name A/E Time Avg Speed
Gordon E 49.59 29.89
Jelle E 40.19 36.87
Ryan A 38.15 38.85
Craigie E 39.35 37.66
Liam E 37.51 39.51
Brad A 37.44 39.58
John A 39.31 37.70

Thanks to Brenda & Sandra for the photos!