At least this year I didn’t lose them, OK?!

A year plagued by wind. A million thanks to all you BAMFs for continuing to come out and play!

We love doing this.

We might even get on our bikes next year.

Why isn’t there an eye-roll emoji on my Mac?

$650.00 going out to ALS Windsor-Essex thanks to you all.

Have the best winters, everyone. See you, nice & plump, and happily hibernated on the first Tuesday in April.

Name Time Avg Speed
Laurie B 48.34 30.7
Julie R 43.25 34.3
Hugo 40.55 36.5
Warkentin 43.03 34.4
Kent 42.31 35.0
Joey G 41.15 36.0
Petro 39.48 37.5
Brad R 37.04 40.0
Chris Duran, Duran 35.33 41.9