FDTT April Results

Meg says, ” i’ll have results posted tomorrow.”

Dionne says, “tomorrow?”

Dionne was right.

For those not present and living under a rock, Tuesday was legendary. Absolute worst conditions in the long and storied history of the Farm Dog TT.

BIGTIME KUDOS to everyone that came out and DOUBLE BIGTIME KUDOS to Garrick who willingly rode in from Lasalle. Also because Garrick apparently willingly lives in LaSalle.

Name Eddy/Aero Time (mm.ss) Avg Speed (km/h)
Thierry Guertin A 36.36 40.76
Garrick Loewen A 37.39 39.64
Brad Reiter A 41.43 35.77
John Trepanier A 42.16 35.15
Chris Duran, Duran A 43.14 34.35
Flat-tyre Brennan E 44.02 33.67
Dave Petro A 44.54 33.27
Craigie E 45.49 32.58
Rod Shepley E 46.27 32.03

See y’all in a few weeks.