FDTT: News and Results

First, the NEWS: Liam committed us to a fifth and final TT for the season, on Tuesday September 4th. I’m going to spend that day chasing 30-odd semi-terrified four year olds running on pure adrenaline around a building without air-conditioning, so I doubt very much that anyone else has a valid excuse for missing out. Plus, we’ll go to Vern’s after. Beer!

I’m going to create a Facebook event for this one so we can get a general idea for numbers to give Vernon a heads-up. respondez, s’il vous plait HERE

Now, the RESULTS: 10! Beautiful! Bike-riders! laid down some fab times. Conditions: approaching perfect.

That there 34.54 by Sean Ryan is the fifth fastest ride in FDTT history – keeping company with Russ VE, Thierry, and somebody Sanders. Nice One, Sean!

Name Time Avg Speed
Sean R 34.54 42.9
Darryl 35.58 41.7
Brad 36.52 40.6
Jimbo 38.54 38.5
Liam 39.26 37.7
Joey 39.42 37.6
the Chad 40.08 37.0
Julie R 42.58 34.8
Laurie B 47.29 31.3
Gordon 49.08 30.2