FDTT#3 Results

Alas, another month, another cool & windy TT night.

But we know this is June is Essex County and the best is yet to come. Mark your calendars; round 4 is July 4th.

We Save(d) a Prayer that someone would show up to knock Mark Henry of his lofty perch of fastest time of the year and What are the Chances, but the Notorious Chris Duran, Duran was Hungry Like a Wolf and obliged. Is There Something we Should Know, Chris?

Don’t worry everyone, It’s a New Moon on Monday so next month, all bets will be off. You’ll get him in July. You’ll need a View to Kill, as it’s unlikely he’ll have Come Undone by then.

Name Time Avg Speed
Gordon 51.03 29.0
Dionne 43.13 34.4
Eric 38.09 38.9
Tom O 42.14 35.2
Chris Duran, Duran 35.21 42.1
Patrick 38.41 38.6
Kenny 46.12 32.1
JOEY 42.44 34.9
Wark 43.07 34.4
the Chad 42.04 35.3
Kent 44.43 33.4
Craigie 42.00 35.3
Brad 38.10 38.9