Forever Bicycles – STACKED

You may have heard of Ai Wei Wei – Chinese political activist, dissident and artist. He seems like a pretty cool dude. He has a beard to reckon with. He’s worth a google. You may or may not know he is the designer of Beijing’s incredible Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium – though he refused to be photographed with the stadium saying it would be like a ‘fake smile’ and has publicly spoken out against the Chinese city hosting the Olympics.

This isn’t his first piece of bike-related art, but these photos caught my eye this morning. Forever bicycles is China’s leading workhorse brand of bikes; the piece speaks to the machine that is China’s labour industry and the massive consumption required to keep it (and us!) running riding. It’s called Stacked and contains 760 identical bicycles…stacked. The results are beautiful – I could look at these for ages.

Ai Wei Wei Forever Bicycles


Ai Wei Wei Stacked Forever bicycles


Ai Wei Wei stacked Forever bicycles

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Stacked is on display at San Gimignano’s Galleria Continua, Italy, through February 16. If you’re in the area, send us a postcard. We’ll be here at work – just another cog in the machine!