last chance summer!

Kicking off the last official week of summer with a rainy day Monday. I’m making soup and dreading heading off to my office job next week. I’ll have to wear shoes – and PANTS – for the first time in months!

There is LOTS going on in the next few weeks – on the bikes and off.

Tuesday, August 28th (tomorrow!!) – Farm Dog Time Trial! 6:30 start from Cedar Beach Conservation Area. This is an all-comers TT. 25 km out and back – if you have any questions shoot us a line! We love to see everyone out on the last Tuesday of each month!

HARROW FAIR weekend is upon us! My mum takes the last week of August off every year to ‘get ready’ for the fair. I’ve spent a significant percentage of my living days at the Harrow Fair over the years… Monday/Tuesday get the entry lists in (always hand delivered as we never have them in on time), Wednesday afternoon harvesting, selecting and polishing up all the fruit, making salsa and chutney and pies, picking glads and loading up the van and hauling it all back to the fairgrounds Wednesday night. The best part of this is getting the very first cheeky cherry-lemonade of the fair and watching everything come together behind the scenes. As a kid, we spent the days of the next four days bothering the parents to take us into town. Gotta get pie from the AOTS tent & fresh-cut fries, ice cream samiches. Enough salt intake to keep me through till next year.

Monday, September 3rd – Special Labour Day tour to Smith & Wilson Estates. Please, please, please join us for a low-key long ride and lunch and stock up on your favourite bottle from Smith & Wilson. Reserve in advance! –

Farm Dog Cycles Ride.Eat.Drink.Ride summer celebration



Shores of Erie! September 8 & 9 – Special tours of historic downtown Amherstburg and Boblo Island as part of Wine and Wellness at the spectacular Shores of Erie Wine Festival. We’ve been busy doing reconnaisance work in Amherstburg, learning all the secrets and ghosties and back-alleys of this beautiful place!

silhouette of "Forged Peace" on the Amherstburg waterfront