Liam and Meg’s Farm Dog TT 2014

Happy Spring, everyone. I hope everyone survived the International Day of Happiness and has safely returned to the drudgery of March…but FEAR NOT! The Farm Dog TT is baaaaaack for another year, and our first TT is merely a week away. True happiness awaits!

Our TT dates for 2014:

Tuesday, APRIL 1st

Tuesday, MAY 6th

Tuesday, JUNE 3rd

Tuesday, JULY 8th * Note: Canada Day is a Tuesday, and so this is the SECOND TUESDAY of July.

Tuesday, AUGUST 5th

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 2nd ** Season Celebration to follow!!


Where: Cedar Creek Conservation Area

Registration: opens 6 PM, ends  6:20

Start Time:  6:30 PM


Women’s Aero, Women’s Eddy, Women’s under 20

Men’s Aero, Men’s Eddy, Men’s under 20


*NEW 2014*

Cost: $5/ride — Donation to the Blake Clifford Memorial Fund to support minor sports in Harrow. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to hang out on bikes and organize these events with such wonderful people. Thanks for helping us support one of our community causes!