Moving Week

We’re moving!

Don’t worry – it’s not far – just down the road. We couldn’t leave. It’s funny, people I run into every day still ask me if we planning on staying in the area. Moving from across the country, buying 30 bikes and starting a business is the kind of stuff commitment is made of, people – we’re here to stay! I know I have a reputation of being a bit flighty, but I promise. This time. …for now?

Proof? We bought a house! Our first place! It’s across the street from a winery and a stones-throw from the beach, so I can have my – living in the country – cake and – still be able to walk every I need to – eat it, too.

I once packed everything I owned into the red rocket and drove it across the country. Two countries, actually. I remember this because they pulled us into secondary at the Detroit border over a pepper (and I told Aunt Lari not to bring that pepper!) then hassled me for having so much stuff in the car – how were they supposed to search a car that was packed so full? Not my problem, pal. They were actually pretty tidy; we managed to get everything back inside, minus the exploding shoebox of bras they set free in the parking lot. All the most notorious border-crossing, pepper smuggling criminal leave their ‘signatures’ at the scene of the crime. Mine happens to be a ratty hot-pink brassiere I’ve had since high school…it was probably time to get rid of it, and no one every remembers the 34A bras, anyways.

This is a much smaller move, or a shorter move – but we’ve managed to acquire a housefull of furniture and so have plied our friends with the promise of pizza and beer in return for their muscles and their friday night. Luckily, when you live in the country, most of your friends have pickup trucks, and when your friends all happen to be the people you ride bikes with, they have (at least lower-body) muscles. Craig is on squatting duty. Nothing above the waist. (We love you guys!)

So this week will be packing week. First the household, then the bikes will be moved to their new hibernation headquarters. I’m looking for recommendations here. What are your best packing tips?


And, Farm Dog Cycles will remain here, of course. You’ll still find us at The Fruit Wagon in the non-digital world. We have lots of things planned for 2013; we just need to unpack everything, first.