Spring Riding

I’m just going to say it: Spring Riding season is here. The depths of winter have passed. There will be more snow, more rain, and lots more cold to come, but the corner has been turned. Bring on the commute!

In October, I thought 5C was cold and I was a badass for still communting on my bike. Now, OC feels balmy all suited up. I have a 10 minute commute by car that doubles to a comfortable 20 minutes by bike. I need an extra 15 minutes to roll spandex over spandex at home and 15 to de-lycra in a bathroom stall and strategically hang said spandies to dry so my sportsbra isn’t visible from the hallway. That 20 minute commute is now approaching 60. And my fingies are cold for 35 of those. I also have to remember to take my security badge out of my parka pocket and pack it with me so that I can sneak in the side door and don’t have to waltz through the front lobby all frosted up (and quite possibly late!) In the summer, getting ready for a ride takes 5 minutes if I remember where I hung my helmet. After 15 minutes of getting ready, I’m already starting to wonder if this is going to worth it.

What I’m saying is – there are plenty of cons around.

But pros abound as well. After short, dark days, seeing the sun does more for my soul than any gin ever could – and a Megan with a well-fed soul is good for everyone.

I’m approaching my summer habit of fueling up the red rocket once a month instead of once a week. Don’t kid yourself, that extra coffee to thaw the fingers costs more than the gas savings. But, it comes in a reusable mug.

I might even fit back into my spandex soon! Racing season begins in mere weeks in Ontario, and touring days follow quickly behind it. Gotta get those shorty shorts out – I have a reputations to uphold here.

Soak up this early season sun while you can – and if you need a little inspiration, get yourself over to www.30daysofbiking.com  Take the pledge to ride every day in APRIL, and join a community of JOYFUL cyclists while doing so. Share it all using #30daysofbiking – tell the world how to put more joy in their hearts! Much, MUCH more to follow on this!

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