On the eve on American Thanksgiving, I’m thinking about taking a day off. I also have Fattoush on my mind as well as the two giant heads of cauliflower aging in my fridge that must be dealt with tonight. I’m hoping they can somehow be combined into a single dinner. I’m thinking a long weekend would be well-deserved, but there are more pressing kudos to extend.

In late August, we happily welcomed a new addition to the neighbourhood, and onto the Farm Dog tour route. Oxley Estate Winery pushed through and quietly started welcoming their guest to “The Barn” summer 2012 – just like they said they would. I say welcoming and not just opened because that is truly what it feels like when you walk into the converted barn. The tasting bar looks like a kitchen and watching Murray Wilson pour wine feels like watching my dad pour wine – if my dad had a great beard and knew more about wine than ‘that he likes merlot, and usually dislikes Baco.’ Sorry, dad.

Farm Dog Cycles wine tour tasting wine at Oxley Estate Winery

Oxley serves weekend lunches under the two-storey cathedral ceiling of the old barn, with an ever-changing menu that reflects the season. I keep going back for the cheese platters with an amazing hard cheese that I forget to ask the name of EVERY TIME. You can sit with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace inside, or you can sit with a glass of wine and enjoy a fire outside (with the ghost of Jack Miner Sr. – you’ll have to ask Ann about that one.)

Cheese and wine at Oxley Estate Winery

Please note: You can tell the food it good by the size of bites taken by thsoe in the background of photos. You can’t see which cheese I’m referring to in this photo as I’ve already eaten it all.

Beginning December 14th, plan on attending the first monthly Vintage Sessions featuring homegrown folk talent from Windsor and Essex County. If you love food, music and wine, this may be the perfect escape from Holiday mayhem. It’s like staying home for the night – but better.

The Vintage sessions at Oxley Estate Winery

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