Wine Tours

it’s 2019… time for a new farm dog experience

After 8 years of wine touring, it’s time for a change. We’ve done the bar tastings – and we’re thinking you have too.

it’s time to level up.

Our new Taster’s Tours combine everything we love about wine touring: small groups, interesting pairings, sunny days on bikes and above all; keep it local.

if it grows together, it goes together

We feature a seasonal taste of this place – our place – each month and explore different wine varietals and styles and how to pair them. Sound too fancy for you? It’s not.

Each tour feature two winery stops where we’ll share small plates featuring a seasonal ingredient and paired wines plus a third stop where we’ll get even deeper into a wine varietal that showcases the month’s flavours. This, in the relaxed and personal atmosphere we’ve worked hard to make our own. Easy cruising, local knowledge, terrible jokes and we’ll get you home on time with a full belly and a little more insight for you to impress your friends with.